Ethical Management

Safety, health & environment management

Privacy Policy Consent

Processing principles

We receive reports of solicitation or misconduct by our employees. The identity of all Whistleblowers will be strictly protected.

If the report is not based on clear facts or infringe on an individual's privacy, It might not be conducted.

Whistleblow Type

  • Workplace harassment & Sexual harassment
  • The act of leaking confidential
  • Solicitation / graft
  • Cheating on internal accounting
  • Unfair trading
  • Discrimination
  • Grievances about Supply Chain Policy & Due Diligence
  • Other unethical activities
  • You can write it by email or phone, but it is recommended that you make a cyber report on this website.
  • After the audit team conducts its own investigation, the report will be notified by e-mail to the Whistleblowers, and you can also check it at the cyber report office.
  • The real name of the Whistleblowers is used for the accuracy of the content. If you inevitably make an anonymous report, you cannot check the contents of the automatic report or the results of the processing.