Battery Material Business


Introduction of Subsidiaries

R&D Areas

High-Ni cathode materials

Research Direction

Ecopro BM is focusing on the development of high-Ni cathode materials based on innovative technology and independent manufacturing technology, and its main products are high-capacity and high-performance cathode materials with Ni content of over 90%. In order to overcome the degradation (cracks, gas, reduced lifespan, etc.) that occurs as the Ni content increases, we are maximizing material performance and improving stability through various research and experiments. As one of the solutions to the cause of degradation, we have succeeded in mass producing single crystal technology, which is a single particle rather than polycrystalline, for the first time in the world. Ecopro BM is doing its best to provide valuable products to customers through continuous research and innovation, and to realize customer satisfaction through customized product development.

Single Crystal

Coating / Doping technology

Co less & Mn-rich cathode materials

Research Direction

As short-distance and low-cost general-purpose EVs are required, the Mid-End cathode materials suitable for these are also one of Ecopro BM's research and development areas. As one of them, the NMX model, which uses a minimum of expensive cobalt (Co) and has increased stability, is being developed, and various types of designs, such as single crystal, are being introduced and researched and developed to optimize performance. Additionally, a Mn-rich LMX model with further reduced Ni content and increased Mn and Li content is under development. In particular, the LMX model has the advantages of both price and energy density as it can achieve high energy density of the High-Ni level by increasing the driving voltage.

LFP & Na-ion cathode materials

Research Direction

With the implementation of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the EU Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA), the development of technology for internalizing LFP (lithium iron phosphate) has become essential for the development and competitiveness of the secondary battery industry in Korea. In order to develop LFP, which requires a completely different process and technology from existing ternary cathode materials, the ECOPRO BM is overcoming its limitations with a spirit of challenge and innovation through multinational business collaboration and benchmarking.

Sodium cathode materials targeting the low-cost EV and ESS markets are also being developed as next-generation materials with the greatest advantage of abundant resources. We are focusing on layered structure with high energy density and are conducting various R&D with the goal of mass production development in 2025.

LiFePO4 cathode material

Na-ion secondary battery material

Anode material & Solid electrolyte

Research Direction

Ecopro BM is developing not only cathode materials for existing secondary batteries, but also cathode materials and electrolytes, which are the four main materials for secondary batteries. As a cathode material, we are developing a silicon carbon composite using a new method, and in the electrolyte field, we are seeking to expand into new business areas and improve corporate sales by developing a solid electrolyte for next-generation all-solid-state batteries. In addition, we are all working together on R&D to become an integrated secondary battery material company through continuous discovery of new materials.

Silicon-carbon composite anodes

Sulfide-based solid electrolyte