Battery Material Business


Introduction of Subsidiaries

ECOPRO BM Research Institute

ECOPRO BM is enhancing the competitiveness of core technology related to secondary cells with ceaseless R&D.

Cathode materials are the core materials of lithium-ion secondary batteries that determine the battery’s voltage, energy density, cycle life, rate capability, etc..
Ecopro BM has already secured global competitiveness through the development of original source technology for high-capacity high-nickel cathode materials and mass production technology accumulated over 16 years.

Ecopro BM's technology research center [Ecoation center] is seeking to improve the technology of high-end cathode materials through continuous research and development, and and based on our accumulated technology, we are also accelerating the development of non-cathode materials to become an integrated secondary battery materials company.

R&D Investment and Manpower


R&D Investment

R&D Manpower